Eranda Jayatunga

Head, Senior Lecturer

MEng (AIT, Thailand), BScEng (Hons) (Peradeniya)

Member (IEEE), Member (IESL), Certified CCNA Instructor Trainer in CISCO Network Academy (Sri Lanka)

Contact info

Room E212


Mr. Eranda Jayatunga is a Senior Lecturer attached to the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering since 2013. He has obtained his first Degree from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka 2003. He started his research career at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 2005. He has worked in both Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka, as a teaching assistant.

Research Areas

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensor Networks
  • Cooperative Communication
  • MIMO Systems
  • Modulation Classification and Signal Processing
  • Edge/Cloud Computing


  • Communication Systems (EE6301)
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication (EE6207)
  • Digital Signal Processing (EE7209)
  • Digital Communication (EE8210)
  • Computer Networks (EE5302)



  • Multiuser Detection on Uplink Asynchronous DS-CDMA Relay Channel in Rayleigh Fading, Master Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, May 2007.

Book Chapters

  • Jayatunga, E. H., Ranaweera, P. S., & Balapuwaduge, I. A. (2021). Blockchain Advances and Security Practices in WSN, CRN, SDN, Opportunistic Mobile Networks, Delay Tolerant Networks. In S. Singh, & A. Jurcut (Ed.), Revolutionary Applications of Blockchain-Enabled Privacy and Access Control (pp. 1-34). IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-7589-5.ch001

Papers in Fully Refereed International Conferences

  • E. H. Jayatunga and O. A. Dobre, “A Robust Higher-order Cyclic Cumulants Feature-based Vector for QAM Classification,” 9th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks & Digital Sign (CSNDSP), 2014, pp. 417 – 421, doi: 10.1109/CSNDSP.2014.6923865.
  • P. Samarakkody, S. Guruge, D. Samaradeera, E. Jayatunga and P. Porambage, “Enhance Data Collection Process of a UAV-aided Low Power IoT Wireless Sensor Network,” IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshops (WCNCW), 2021, pp. 1 – 6, doi: 10.1109/WCNCW49093.2021.9419977
  • S.M. Vijayasundara, N.K.S. Udayangani, P.E. Camillus, and E.H. Jayatunga, “Security Robot for Real-time Monitoring and Capturing,” IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAfS), 2021.
  • A. A. Ajmal, S. Shankarnath, M. Athif and E. H. Jayatunga, “Non-Invasive Screening Tool to Detect Anemia,” IEEE Healthcare Innovations and Point of Care Technologies, (HI-POCT), 2019, pp. 67 – 70, doi: 10.1109/HI-POCT45284.2019.8962856.
  • A. A. Ajmal, S. Shankarnath, M. Athif and E. H. Jayatunga, “Development of the Relationship between Hemoglobin Concentration and PPG Signal Characteristics,” 2019 14th Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), 2019, pp. 58 – 62, doi: 10.1109/ICIIS47346.2019.9063311.
  • E. H. Jayatunga, O. A. Dobre, S. Rajan, and R. Inkol, “A Survey of Modulation Classification Methods for QAM Signals”, Proc. NECEC (IEEE), 2008.


  • Chamalka W.H., Priyanga H.G.A., Vidyawansha C.J., Jayathunga E.H., ”Analysis of Optimal Sensor Positioning on the Body for Activity Recognition Applications”,, Track: Track: Biochemistry, Wearables, Healthcare and Biomaterials
  • S. Suthakaran, A.A. Azees, M.R.M. Athif, E.H. Jayatunga, W.F. Shahana, ”A Real Time Analysis of PPG Signal to Measure the Hemoglobin Concentration”,, Abstract Number: ICBME1382

Papers in Local Research Forums

  • Amunugama, C.S.B.M.R.N.L.K., Helapita, L., Nagahawaththa, T.H and Jayatunga E.H., “Design a Wearable Textile Antenna to Transmit Real-time Data of an Athlete”, Proc. IET Young Professionals Technical Conference (IET YPTC), 2020.
  • Niroshan T., Nubenthan S., Shalomy C., and Jayatunga E.H., “A Wireless System for Continuous Monitoring of Dengue Patients”, Proc. 4th Annual Research Symposium, 2017.
  • Rathnayaka Y.G.R.M.I.D., Sanjeewa M.A.N., Sumaya M.M.F., Jayatunga E.H., and Chandrasena R.P.S., “Parameter Study for Effective Wireless Power Transmission through Inductive Coupling”, Proc. 4th Annual Research Symposium, 2017.
  • Gunasekara A.U.D.M, Jayawardhana A.M.K.N.K., and Jayatunga E.H., “An Approach to Improve Accuracy in Mining Trajectory Data in Using WEKA”, Proc. 3rd Annual Research Symposium, 2016.
  • Saranga Y.G.T, Viranga R.K.D, Madarasinghe T.R, H.E.S. Sumathipala, and Jayatunga E.H, “Multi–Stage Dimmable Smart Electronic Ballast”, Proc. 2nd Annual Research Symposium, 2015.
  • Jayatunga E. H., “QAM Classification using Higher-Order Cyclic Cumulants”, Proc. 11th Academic Sessions of University of Ruhuna, 2014.


  • Best Undergraduate Project in Electrical Engineering by IESL (E.W. Karunarathne Award, 2014/2015), Jayatunga E.H, Saranga Y.G.T, Viranga R.K.D, Madarasinghe T.R and H.E.S. Sumathipala, “A Multi–Stage Dimmable Smart Electronic Ballast”.

Contributions and Awards

  • Head of Department