Dr. S. H. K. K. Gunawickrama

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Gdansk, Poland), MEng (Gdansk, Poland)

Contact info

Room E112


Dr Keerthi Gunawickrama joined the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna in 2003 as a Senior Lecturer, and has been involved in academic work in the area of computer engineering. In the University of Ruhuna, he has held several positions such as; Head /Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (2004-2008), Head/Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (2013-2018), Chairmen By-Law/Curriculum Revision Committee/Faculty of Engineering (2018), Director/Engineering Education Centre (2003/4). He also is the author of several number of publications across the fields of Fault Detection and Isolation, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems and Adaptive Control. He has professional experience as Embedded Systems Engineer, Senior Academic Consultant in ICT (for educational institutes) and a Visiting Lecturer. He was educated at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland where he also started his research career 1996. He has also co-chaired the international conferences; IEEE-ICIAfS2016 and ICIEIE2013.

Research Interests and Collaborations

Research Interests

  • Applications of AI (Business and Finances, Precision Agriculture)
  • Fault Detection and Isolation in Complex Plants
  • Higher Education Methods



  • EE 1101 Programing I
  • EE5206 Software Projects


  • EE2102 Object Oriented Programming
  • EE5201 Computer Architecture
  • EE5305 Sensors and Transducers (1/3)
  • EE6304 Embedded Systems Design (1/2)
  • EE6306 Operating Systems Programming
  • EE8210 Intelligent Systems Design
  • EE8207 High Performance computing
  • EE7802 Undergraduate Projects

Visiting Lecturers

  • Control Systems, Task Based Software Engineering, Analog Electronics, Server Side Programming, Concurrent Network Application, Research Methods


Contributions and Awards

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