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Student Support

Our students’ mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. We have appointed student counselors for you to speak to should you need any help. If further professional help is needed, they can connect you to professional counselors and psychiatrists as well.

We have many lecturers who speak Sinhala or Tamil and both male and female lecturers who are approachable for your issues at the faculty or if you want to bring a friend to the counselor.

Please refer to the faculty website for more information.

Standards of Conduct

The students are expected to be responsible for the wellbeing of the campus by respecting the codes of academic conduct and the safety of all members of the community and faculty property.  In this respect, they are expected to act as responsible individuals, to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity both personally and academically, and to respect the rights of others. This faculty considers these standards as essential to its mission and its community. All forms of academic dishonesty such as misrepresentation in coursework, cheating, submission of the work of another person, making false statements to a member of the faculty and alteration or misuse of university documents are considered serious offences within the university community.

Following forms of misconduct are considered serious offences and may be reported for disciplinary action.

  • Any student commits or participates in any form of ragging within or outside the Faculty,
  • Any student conduct which makes it difficult or impossible to proceed with scheduled lectures, seminars, discussion group meetings and related activities, and with examinations or tests.
  • Any student’s conduct which leads to damage to or theft of University properties or the personal properties of members of faculty and staff, or of fellow students. It also includes conduct which leads to physical injury to, or emotional disturbances of any of the above-mentioned persons.
  • Violations of the rules and regulations of the Government and the University.
  • Unauthorized use of University facilities, including unauthorized gatherings and having unauthorized guests in hostels.
  • Safety violations.
  • Violations of rules governing residence in university hostels or in other premises rented for accommodation of students.
  • Failure to remit, return or submit financial obligations, property or records of the University, within the time prescribed by the University.

The faculty provides hostel facilities for those students whose homes are distantly located and those who have special financial needs. Two hostel buildings are located inside the faculty premises one each for male and female students. In addition, several hostels are located externally in rented buildings.

There are private boarding houses outside the faculty that students can stay at, but the faculty has no links to such.

More information can be found on the faculty website

The Career Guidance Unit of the University of Ruhuna overseas all career guidance activities and services at the Faculty of Engineering. All correspondence happens through the Career Guidance Advisor, Faculty of Engineering. More information can be found at the university website.


Career Guidance Advisor, Faculty of Engineering

  • Dr. Ruwan Gallage, +94 76 645 0433, 

There are several scholarships available for you to apply for based on merit and financial need.

Please meet your academic advisor for more details.

Upon registering at the university, each student gets an academic advisor. For your first year, this is typically the mini-project advisor. After being selected to the department, a lecturer from the department will be assigned to you as your academic advisor. The academic advisor is your first line of contact when you need to speak about anything. In addition, all academic matters should be channeled through your academic advisor. It is your responsibility to meet with your academic advisor periodically.