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Department Societies

Electrical and Information Engineering Society (EIES)

Electrical and Information Engineering Society (EIES) is the main society within the department that consists of the academic staff and students.  The academic staff of the department facilitates to EIES as an advisory board and the students lead each activity organized by the society.  The goal of the Electrical and Information Engineering Society is to upgrade student’s life in the department allowing them to improve not only academic and technical skills but also their leadership interpersonal and professional qualities. Some of the specific activities carried out by the EIES include

  • Holding Annual General Meeting to elect office bearers for a tenure of 12 months
  • Organizing guest lectures by inviting key personnel from the industry and research organizations
  • Organizing workshops to junior students who have entered to Electrical and Information Engineering stream as their field of specialization
  • Organizing charity work to promote and encourage students of serving underprivileged sectors of the society
  • Conducting “XbotiX” competition annually, collaborating with IEEE Student Branch University of Ruhuna, IET Ruhuna Chapter and MMESS
  • Organizing workshops for school children


IEEE Student Branch - University of Ruhuna

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IEEE and its members of more than 420,000 over 160 countries inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow and highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

About Ruhuna Chapter

The university of Ruhuna student branch was started in year 2012 is one of the conspicuous student branches in Sri Lanka which has been rendering an inevitable service for the society through technology. This has been pioneering so many activities such as XbotiX,App contest,workshops in electronics,power and telecommunication to enhance the social and technical skills of the students. Also it has been conducting robotics workshops and practical sessions for school children as a service to the society.

Affinity Groups

  1. IEEE Industrial Applications Society University of Ruhuna.
  2. IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) affinity group University of Ruhuna
  3. IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), University of Ruhuna
  4. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), University of Ruhuna


IET on Campus - University of Ruhuna

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IET On-Campus University of Ruhuna is based in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna. We are the IET and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world. As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we share knowledge that helps make better sense of the world in order to solve the challenges that matter. The IET community of Ruhuna inspires, inform and influences the global engineering community and the school society by organizing various events as workshops, competitions, seminars, online webinars, etc. to engineer a better world.


Recent Events

IET Webinar “How to ace your job interviews and standing out with your CV

The IET Webinar “How to ace your job interviews and standing out with your CV” held on
November 29th, 2020, was organized by the IET On-Campus University of Ruhuna. IET Young
Women Engineer of the year 2019, Ms. Eng. Zahra Marzook conducted the webinar for 2 hours
aiming at the following topics.
·       Professional resume writing
·       Interview preparation
·       How to face an interview



IET Webinar “Blockchain and Applications

The IET Webinar “Blockchain and Applications” held on March 31st, 2021, was organized by
the IET On-Campus Ruhuna. Dr. Harsha Gardiyawasam, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at
the University of Agder conducted the webinar for 2 hours aiming at the following topics.
·       Hash Functions and encryption keys
·       Blockchain technology basic concepts
·       Introduction to cryptocurrency



Women in Engineering at University of Ruhuna

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Women in Engineering (IEEE WIE) Student Branch Affinity Group of the University of Ruhuna was established to empower women engineers’ involvement in technical fields. It was formed on 11th November 2018, having fulfilled the requirements of the Member and Geographic Activities Board Operations Manual of IEEE.

Being the seventh WIE Affinity Group in Sri Lanka, IEEE WIE Ruhuna strives for the promotion and betterment of women engineers and increasing the interest, awareness, and involvement of young females in technical disciplines, especially in the field of Engineering. The group mainly comprises undergraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering. As a recently established group, the committee aims to conduct programs with guest lectures, hands-on sessions, competitions, etc. with the objectives of awaking the undergraduates to become a member of this group and, exploring the opportunities.

The IEEE WIE Ruhuna Student Branch strives to,

  • empower young females to take part in events, competitions related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields,
  • encourage female engineers to take challenges, overcome nervousness and to become leadership roles,
  • support young technological enthusiasts to collaborate and perform in technical disciplines,
  • recognize the outstanding accomplishments of women in the fields of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering,
  • provide assistance with the selection of ones’ field of interest, career development and advancement in the engineering profession.