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Collaborations/ Partnerships

  • Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan. (Dr. Rajitha Udawalpola)
  • A Massive MIMO Enabled IoT Platform with Networking Slicing for Beyond 5G IoV/V2X and Maritime Services – SOLID-B5G, European Economic Area (EEA) Norway grants (Dr. Indika Anuradha Mendis)
  • Computer Assisted Rehabilitation in Improving Hand Function in Patients with Stroke. A collaborative research between Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. Clinical Trial Registration No: SLCTR/2020/019. Ethical clearance: 2020.P.050 (19.05.2020). (Dr. N. W. Prins)
  • University College Dublin, Ireland: Research conducted under Netslab laboratory for Improving the Security in Service Migration of Multi-Access Edge Computing (Mr. Pasika Ranaweera)
  • University of Oulu, Finland: Research on Immersive methods for integrating Multi-Access Edge Computing with 5G Infrastructure under 6Genesis project (Mr. Pasika Ranaweera)
  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka: Collaborative Research with Dr. Chamitha De Alwis – Improving the IoT Feasibility for Emerging Applications with Multi-Access Edge Computing Infrastructure Provisions; emphasis on e-health, consumer trading, AR/VR/MR, IIoT, and Online Education. (Mr. Pasika Ranaweera)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee: Awaneesh Kumar Yadaw – Formal Verification on Security Protocols Proposed for Service Migration in Multi-Access Edge Computing; emphasis on model-based verification via tools and employing BAN/ GNY logics. (Mr. Pasika Ranaweera)
  • University of Mauritius, Mauritius: Vashish Imrith – Optimal Automated Security Service Deployment and Orchestration Leveraging Resource Constrained Edge Nodes for 5G based IoT applications; emphasis on Fog computing and Service Function Chaining (SFC) under virtualization platforms. (Mr. Pasika Ranaweera)
  • Coming soon…