• Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System

    By. (A.B.C. Hajjsjs, A.B.C. Hajjsjs, A.B.C. Hajjsjs, A.B.C. Hajjsjs)

    Abstract : Energy harvesting is the process of capturing readily available energy and converting into usable electrical energy. Among the many different types of energy harvesting methods, piezoelectric energy harvesting has become popular as piezoelectric materials have the ability to transform mechanical energy into electrical characteristics. energy. This research is focused on obtaining and optimizing the output of commercially available piezoelectric device which converts mechanical vibrations (strain) into usable electrical energy. Moreover this research is focused on low vibrational frequency levels as normal vibration sources in the environment such as building, machine, human body, and vehicle as these have low frequency

    Keywords : Energy harvesting; Low frequency; Piezoelectric; Tip mass; Euler–Bernoulli

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