The Faculty of Engineering of University of Ruhuna offers a wide range of specialties in the Electrical and Information, Civil and Environment, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering disciplines educating its students to the modern world. Its engineering students get a broad perspective in engineering education with due emphasis on Humanities, Social Engineering and Management. The Faculty has been a pioneer in introducing the course unit system (Semester system) among the Faculties of Engineering in Sri Lanka.

The Department of Electrical and Engineering (DEIE), is rapidly developing and has potential for ambitious students keen to follow a novel engineering degree programme that caters to the emerging needs of the global economy. DEIE was established in 2000, and offers a B.Sc. Eng. Degree programmes specialized in the Electrical and Information Engineering disciplines. Ours is the only department in Sri Lanka, which offers a B.Sc. Eng. degree programme covering Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Information Engineering in one stream. The current Faculty intake is 225 undergraduate students per year and DEIE admits approximately 85 of them after completing their first year. . In addition to the B.Sc. Eng. degree programme, the DEIE started the M.Phil. degree programme, which is a research based post graduate degree programme in 2009.


To be a remarkable centre of excellence in education and research in the area of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Information Engineering by preserving the National and International reputation for scholastic virtues.


to produce globally recognized diligent graduates who are endowed with technical, innovative, analytical, articulate, intellectual, leadership and entrepreneurship skills while having enriched qualities of dedication, adaptability, and responsibility in top of possessing passion on self-learning and strive for challenges.

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